Provides APIs of version 2 to communicate with subscription data.

GET api/v2/subscription/GetSubscriptionData

Retrieve subscription data of the user.

GET api/v2/subscription/GetLicenseKey?randomKey={randomKey}

Get license key for the profile and random key.

GET api/v2/subscription/GetOraganizationPaidUserCount

Get organization current paid user count

GET api/v2/subscription/GetOrgAvailableLicenseCount

Get organization available user license count

GET api/v2/subscription/GetActiveUserLicenses

Get organization active user licencses

GET api/v2/subscription/GetSubscriptionProductData

Retrieve subscription product list.

POST api/v2/subscription/UpdateSubscriptionPayment

Verify subscription data of the user with the subscription platform used in ZorroSign and update data.

POST api/v2/subscription/UpdateLicenseKey

Update License key information of the user.

PUT api/v2/subscription/ActivateOrgUserSubscription

Assign available license keys to organization users.